The Captain Underpants Birthday Party

My middle son wanted a Captain Underpants Birthday Party for his 6th birthday this year.  At first I was a little worried, Captain Underpants is a character in a book by Dav , lots of potty humor. On the other hand it did get my 5 year old to start reading so, what ever it takes, right?

I checked in stores and on line but there isn’t any party things for Captain Underpants, I was on my own.

I live in a high rise in Manhattan, for most of my kids parties I have the kids run around to friends apartments on some kind of adventure.  I have found boys love to run and to run with a purpose even if it is imaginary is great fun for them, plus it keeps them out of trouble.

For this adventure I made up an imaginary bad guy.  Most of the bad guys in Dav Pilkey’s books have silly names like “Prof. Poopy Pants” or “the Terrible Talking Toilets”.  We made up – ” Dumpy Droopy Drawers”.

We told the kids that Dumpy had stolen the Pinata for Declan’s party.  George and Harold (the 2 main characters from the books) had left some help for the kids but they needed to find the pinata.

First the kids needed to get silly names for them selves.  There is a web site by scholastic where you enter your name and it gives you a silly name.  So I sent the kids off to my friend Margaret’s apartment and they each got their new names.  I had sent Margaret the names of the kids earlier so she had them all ready for the kids.

The kids knocking on Margaret's door to receive their silly names

From there they ran to my friend Kate’s apartment to get the famous White Underwear.

Kate made each child make a fart noise before she gave them underwear. Funny to see which kids got into it, which didn't know how to make the sound and which wouldn't!

Kate then told the kids that George and Harold wanted the kids to learn how to shoot the waist band and see how far they could make it go.  The kids loved it.  Kate has a long hall way from her bathroom to her bed so the kids stood in the bathroom and tried to see who could make it too the bed.

If you look carefully you can see the underwear in mid-air.

The best shot!

At this point most of the kids had the underwear on their heads (I swear I bought new underwear) So we took a group shot.

The Underwear gang

At this point the kids were pretty wound up.

My two kids try and show me how far they can shoot the underwear

The next stop, at my friend Jeri’s the kids sat down and colored in some Captain Underpants coloring pages.  It also ended up being a good time to have a drink and a snack, and add Jeri’s two kids to the fun.

In the books George and Harold draw comic books and sell them on the playground. I told the kids they were looking for some help and wanted to see who drew well.

After the kids drew Jeri gave them the red capes I had made and sent them on to Roz and Craig’s apt.

It was fun to watch the people’s expressions as the kids ran down the hallways.  Some loved it some had the oddest expressions on their faces.  Personally I think life requires a sense of humor so the heck with people who were uptight about a bunch of 5-9 year olds running around with underwear over their jeans or on their heads!

Roz explained to the kids that they had “Hypno-rings” to give the kids but first they had to dance for them.  Wild dancing ensued.

They danced to a captain underpants song we found on line as well as Micheal Jackson's "Smoth Criminal".

After the Dance Craig came out with the rings.  I found flashing rings at Oriental Trading Company’s web site.

Craig put the rings flashing on his fingers.

At this point they had names, underwear, capes and hypno-rings so they were sent down to the playground to find the Pinata.

My friend Kate came down the morning of the party and took over decorating a box I was making into a safe to hold the pinata.  We called it the Pinata-nator 3000.  To open it the kids had to all light their rings and touch them to the box.  Like magic the box opened to reveal the stolen pinata.  Or Kate opened the back and took out the pinata but I hope the kids thought there was a little bit of magic.

Here are the different stages of the box/pinata-nator 3000

My two younger ones had lots of fun in the box before it was made

The finnished box before the party

The kids pressing the flashing rings to the Pinata-nator 3000

They found it!

We hung the pinata on the climber on the playground and the kids took turns trying to break it.

My son wanted a Micheal Jackson pinata so I got a pinata shaped like an old record and glued on some Micheal Jackson pictures. The one with Micheal and the song title "Beat it" was the most aproprate!

After that it was back up to the apartment for cake and ice cream.  And I am birthday party free til November when my youngest turns 4.

I made the same cake I made for his actual b'day with a butter cream Captain Underpants I made and added to the cake.


3 thoughts on “The Captain Underpants Birthday Party

  1. This is a great party idea! I hate potty humor but my girls just love it. I’ll show them your post…but maybe they will want a party. I can’t make fart noises, it is against my nature….I’m sure Hubby could stand in!

    Thanks for poping over to my blog!

  2. I managed to do the whole party with out making one fart noise. Of course with a bunch of young boys they don’t really need any help learning to make that noise! I love following your blog, thanks for stopping by here!

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