Day 41

Worked like a mad fool today but the birthday party is taking shape.  I have all the stops the kids will go to and people to meet them.  And I have a story complete with a bad guy, Dumpy  Droopy pants.  I’m hoping it sounds enough like a Captain Underpants character with out offending any of the parents.  Dumpy will have stolen the Pinata and the kids will run around doing different activities to find the Pinata.

My oldest made a picture of Captain Underpants so we can play pin the underpants on the captain.

Pin the underwear on Captain Underpants

The kids will get red capes, white underwear and flashing rings to take home with them.  At the end they will find the Pinata in the Pinata-nator 3000, then using their hypno-rings they will free the Pinata, eat cake and go home!

The start of the Pinata-nator 3000

I planed this washed 6 loads of laundry and took care of the kids, I’m beat!  My youngest kept making me take pictures of him in different costumes.  Thinking he might feel left out so I’ll end with two of those pictures.  Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Pay attention to me!

"Take my Picture I'm Robin"


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