Getting stuff done, slowly

The kids have been in school almost two weeks now.  We are slowly settling into a routine.   I’m a little under the weather today so everything seemed particularly hard.  My middle child and I fought over what he could wear to school.  I said no to the the ripped sweat pants that end two inches above his ankles.

Having 3 kids in NYC is like having 10 kids somewhere else.  Everyone always looks at me like I’ve gone mad to have so many kids.  So having a child dressed like a homeless person does not help.  I freely admit this is about me and my issues but you have to draw the line somewhere.  My middle child does not agree.

He refused to get on the bus, then got half way in and refused to move in or out of the bus.  After what seemed like an forever, he walked to the back of the bus and pulled his big brothers hair.  His big brother burst out crying and threw a small fit while I stood in the door of the bus.  At this point I was ready to put them both up on EBay, cheep! They finally got off to school and I dragged myself back home and told my husband he had to take the little one to Pre-K that I had given up on parenthood.

I spent most of the rest of the day reorganizing the kids clothes, hoping for a better morning tomorrow.

By the time I had finished I decided to give motherhood another chance.  As I write this I’m making my 9 year old write how he could have handled this morning better, and my 6 year old has lost his computer and TV privileges.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call in a temp for the day?  A Mom temp.  I think a mental health day would do me good.


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