A Foggy Monday

It seems every year we have that week or so when everyone gets sick. We are in the middle of that now. My 8 year old and I had the stomach bug last week and my 6 year old is home with me today on his second day of being sick.


My 11 year old put on a good show of being sick this morning but his symptoms kept changing, first he told me his stomach hurt, although he ate his breakfast with his normal extreme enthusiasm. When ever I would look at him he would shrink a few inches and whimper, yes I really do mean whimper! I told him if he had a fever he could stay home but otherwise he had to go to school. He explained his joints hurt too much to go to school and his nose was stuffy. Would he like some medicine? Oh no, he hates that. He of course had no fever and I told him I loved him and hoped he felt better then sent him too school. He texted me when he got to school telling me my loving him really didn’t help…

I’m sure he inherited all that drama from me, I’m thinking I owe my parents an apology.

My 6 year old is awake and full of energy, non-stop talking, so excited to be home from school. This after cuddling up with me at 4am then telling me he was going to throw-up. Amazing how fast I can wake up when I need too. I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee wondering when the caffeine will kick in.

Last night out our window I watched a thick fog roll into the city. I wish I had a good camera I could have gotten some amazing shots of the fog rising off the river. It looked so wonderfully dramatic. This morning we could hardly see out our windows. The romance and drama gone. The fog will rise and we will all get better but for now the fog compliments my mood.


Three Kings Day

My two younger kids took part in our Churches small Epiphany Pageant this week end. Rehearsal on Saturday and show during Mass on Sunday. We also had a big birthday party for our neighbors grandson turning one on Saturday as well as homework and play dates. Oh and I almost forgot the two hour opening of Downton Abbey on PBS!

By the time Monday rolled around we all over slept, making for a loud crazy Monday morning.I was thinking things were calming down yesterday when my 8 year old woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug. Sometimes weeks are more meant to be survived then lived through…








New Year

Happy New Year. I’m coming out of my cookie comma and starting this New Year out right. My Sound Engineer, husband worked in Times Square for the ball drop this year, just like he has done for the last several years. It means we come home early from our Christmas holiday and he spends the 3 or 4 days before New Years and all of New Years eve in Times Square and I rally my holidayed out kids into getting there vacation homework done and not killing each other after way too much together time.

20130102-105200.jpgThis year friends of mine are closing a small French cafe they have been running for the last 6 years.  They decided they would end on a musical note and invited a bunch of performers to sing and turned their cafe into a cabaret for the final few  nights.  I was lucky enough to be asked to sing.  So I got a neighbor to watch the kids and ran out for an hour sang two songs and ran back.  Even with pushing through all the drunken people who invade our neighborhood New Years eve it was still amazing to get out.  It put me in a much better mood the rest of the night. Note to self, do that more often!

20130102-111327.jpgNew Years day was a slow sleepy day, my husband got back from work at 7am! I spent most of the day trying to keep the boys quiet.  We went out to a diner for dinner and bed time couldn’t come quick enough.


This morning I got up my 3 very sleepy slightly unhappy boys and sent them back to school. Now I have a quiet, very messy apartment for me to enjoy and clean.

Happy New Year to me!!

Happy New Year

If I write a little each day then maybe I can accomplish something. Is that a New Years resolution? Perhaps. I’ve done a good job avoiding even the thought of making resolutions. One more choice my tired brain is unwilling to face.



It has been a while! I will get back on the wagon I promise. Kids are settling into school again and I am almost caught up. OK that last part is a lie, I’m not caught up but maybe I just need to give over and except what I can do and what I can’t.

January daze

So I dragged my lazy overweight body to the gym and ran a little over 2 miles.  I actually like running and was amazed how even at a slower pace I was able to run 35 minutes with out stopping.

I am depressed that a year has gone by and I am not back in the shape that I wanted to be in.  I get a strong push going but I don’t seem to be able to follow threw with it.  So instead of the old, very tired, New Years promises, this year I will work on my follow threw.

I also joined a class starting on Tuesday.  I will have to get up in front of people and sing once a week.  Oddly I’m more upset with how I’ll look then how I’ll sing.  But I have now figured out and proven that for a fact that doing nothing accomplishes nothing, just in case you were wondering…

So here we go again!

Chubby me coming out of hiding.