Saying good bye

Today the Crib moves out of our apartment and we start a new stage in our life.  My youngest has been sleeping in his big boy bed for a few days now and he loves it.  The triple bunk bed looks great.  It took a long time to make but I think it is extremely strong and might just survive my 3 boys.

Yes I should have made the beds before I took this picture but life goes on...

We put up a sign to sell the crib in the lobby and less than an hour later we got a call, a couple expecting their first baby in the spring.  They bought the crib and  my oldest saw and burst out crying.  He can’t understand why we would sell something that has been so much a part of our life for so long.  I tried to explain about having 3 kids in a small two bed room apartment .  He was not ready to hear it.  The couple told me later it broke their heart to watch him.  I think I finally convinced him that it is better for the crib to go on and help another family in the building and told him we would visit the baby when he was born.  Now I need to make friends with the couple so they will let us into their home, meet the baby, and visit the crib.

Move forward little crib.

Good bye Crib you served us well and I will remember you fondly.


Day 33

Most of today was spent recovering from the trip yesterday.  The boys got up at their usual time so they were all tired and grumpy all day.  I can’t tell you how many fights I interceded in.

I ran at the gym I didn’t run as far as last time but I made it to the gym so I’m not going to complain.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to a taping of Nate Berkus’s new talk show.  A min-vacation away from the family.  The morning will be Camp Daddy instead of Camp Mommy.  It is the first day of their first episode so it might be a bit bumpy.  But no kids will be crying or pooping so all in all I’m excited.

My husband is working on making a triple bunk-bed for the kids and fit two of the pieces together to see if they would work.  In honor of the show tomorrow here are a few pixs.

We still need the bunk in the middle it will come out in the middle in an L shape

Kids thought it was fine like this but we still need to sand and stain it oh and finnish the last bunk. Maybe it will be done before the first snow fall!