Day 34

I took the morning off of “Camp Mommy” and went with a friend up to a taping of a new talk show with Nate Berkus.  It was a nice mini-vacation.

Nate Berkus

I haven’t been to a talk show taping since Sally Jessey Rafael, I think that might have just dated me.  It was their first day of taping so they were still working out the kinks.  Nate seemed fine and as nice and unassuming between takes as when I’ve see him on Oprah.   The hard part for me was all the “handling” by the staff.  Don’t get me wrong everyone was very nice.  But they want a product.  We were divided into 2 waiting rooms and it didn’t take much imagination to know that the pretty people were in one and the rest of us were in the other.  Such is life, and as my husband pointed out, such is TV.  I got tired of having to ooh and Ahh and clap every time the workers in the front put up their signs.  Maybe its just me but I like a real reaction.  Sometimes watching the Oprah show I’m a little worried about the adulation the crowd gives her.  It is so worshipful, who can live up to that.  Or maybe I’m a rebel at heart and don’t like being told what to do.  That  might be more on the mark.

We couldn’t bring in cameras so I have no pictures but the show should air in mid September.

My husband held down the fort for me and Camp Mommy was still going on when I got home.  The boys got to go out to several playgrounds with their Dad.  In the afternoon we  I made the boys a Riddler question mark for a green shirt they have been wearing  as a Riddler costume.

D makes an evil Riddler!

Not to be out done, my youngest made me keep taking this picture til he thought he looked evil enough.

We did a science project about condensing water from the air.

first metal bowl full of ice

Cover the ice so it stays in and stays cold.

Put it into another bowl and wait.

Then the kids got to see the water form on the outside of the bowl.

Oh the wild science going on at our house ;).

My diet went alright today, it helped being locked into a studio most of the day.  Tomorrow it is back to the gym!


Day 31

I’m a little shaky, I’m getting over a migraine, but I wanted to make sure I wrote today.

My new scale came in the mail this morning.  The mailman rang our bell at 7am and handed me the box. It is much nicer looking than my last scale and it gives the points between the pounds.  But I HATE IT!!

I weigh more on this scale than my last one.  I weigh 164.2.  I thought it was what I ate but my husband weighs more as well.  My husband who has never been overweight in his life, hmm maybe I’m a little testy as well as shaky…

So I start again at a higher weight and tell my self I am the same as yesterday even though the scale says differently.  Amazing how much this is all in my mind.

It was “class trip day” at Camp Mommy.  My husband came along, good to have the parents along on trips 😉 .  We went to the American Museum of Natural History.   We saw a show at the Hyden Planetarium. Then wandered around the museum.

My 5 year old loved it but it was a little over the head of my 3 year old.  Oh, I thought this was appropriate for today.  Here is me on a scale at the museum letting me know how much I would weigh on the moon.  I might need to be planing a move!

Sad that I should like this number better than the one on my scale at home!

By the time we got home I had a bad migraine. I was so glad My husband was home so he could watch the kids and I could take medicine and go to bed.

My husband works sound for a Friday concert in the park for GMA, he has to be at work at midnight so he’s already in bed.  The last of the kids just went to bed and I’m going to enjoy the silence, finally pain free.

Here are a few more pictures from the museum.

My 3 yr old learning about the big bang or stopping for a rest before running through all the crowds of people again, you deside.

5 yr old getting a chance to feel some dinosaur feet.

Day 28 for me Day 1 for “Camp Mommy”

I didn’t get enough sleep last night but I pulled my self out of bed before I knew I was awake and ran at the gym.  I’m glad I did because it was a long day.  I got my period, which always wipes me out and puts me in a foul mood.  I wanted to run before I started the day with the kids, thank God my husband wasn’t working this morning.

The playground could have gone better.  Next time the kids go potty before we go out.  After the playground it was home for reading.  The kids loved it I was so surprised.  I read them a kids book about different places to visit in NYC.  They talked about where they wanted to visit.  D wants to see the planets at the Museum of Natural History and L wants to go to the zoo.  Then D read with me while his brother played (when was the last time that worked?) and L read while D played.

The kids loved following the schedule that they could see themselves. Although someone kept taking the “clean up” sign down!

The kids made little pockets out of paper plates for a craft project.  They put silly bands in them.

L with his silly band, paper plate basket.

After lunch we tried a math game.  I wrote numbers form 1 – 20 on pieces of paper and lined them up on the floor.  The kids jumped from one number to the next and counted as they went.  Then we did every other number (counting by twos them by threes).  This was over my 3 yr old’s head but my 5 yr old loved it.  I talked about even and odd numbers, then played a game where he had to jump all the even numbers.  If he made a mistake he had to start again.  I got out some of his energy and I think he learns best on his feet.

Jumping the even numbers

After that I gave them “Free play” like they had in real camp.  So funny if I had told them to go play they never would, but write it on paper and call it something new and they were all over it.

The last thing we did was a “Science Project”.  We are going to watch water evaporate.  I filled a glass up with water marked a line and and we will check it every day and see if it goes down.  That is the kind of science I can do, not hard and not involved!

watching water evaporate

The next one took more energy.  I was trying to let the kids see how warm water rises, like in a “Magic School Bus” book I was reading to them.

I took a balloon, a glass soda bottle, a pan and water.

I put water in the bottle and the pan then put the balloon on the bottle and boiled the water.

I was a little worried the balloon would pop off and burn one of us but it stayed on well and maybe the kids learned something.

It worked!

So day one of Camp Mommy is done I hope I’m not too tired to come up with ideas for tomorrow.  I had left overs to eat today I hope I can do as well tomorrow.

Young scientists

Day 27

The scale finally moved.  I’m at 160, I can’t wait to make it down into the 150″s.  Next week please!

Camp Mommy starts officially tomorrow.  The kids are very excited, I hope it can live up to the hype.  I typed up different activities on card stock then put magnet tape on the back.  Everyday I can put up a different schedule.

Card stock with magnets on back

Of course it will only work if we follow it.  I’ll let you know.  The kids want to do science experiments.  I’m looking through my Magic school bus book and seeing what we can come up with.

A new start

It’s Saturday morning.  I haven’t lost any weight this week.  I haven’t  gained either.  I’m cutting corners finding excuses and drifting.  I need to refocus now before it is too late and I start back tracking.

My two younger kids had their last day of pre-school camp on  Friday “camp Mommy” starts Monday.  I need to really get into it and put everything else aside or every one will be miserable.  I’m planning each day as if I were  their real teacher.  Posting a schedule so the kids will know what to expect.  What I need to be careful of is fitting my workouts and diet into my day.  Not to mention the laundry and cooking dinner for everyone else.

On another note my oldest son had a Silly Hat day at camp yesterday and wanted me to post the picture of the hat he made out of Legos.

Silly Hat day at Manhattan Plaza youth program, a Lego hat

Legos are a little different then when I was a kid!