Time to rethink my eating yet again…

My kids birthday and party was a great excuse to fall off the low carb band wagon. It is a very familiar feeling. This is what usually happens. I do great for a month or two then I get over worked, over whelmed and reach for the desert, the chips the comfort of the familiar.

Tonight I had such a nice time at a friends apartment, but I noticed my hands just reached for the chips then the deserts. I hate how it makes me feel like a failure. And feeling like a failure only makes me eat more. My friend went out of her way to make me a low carb chicken dish, and a tasty one. Why do I feel that need to sabotage myself?

In truth I haven’t gained back any weight, yet. But I haven’t really lost any thing in almost 2 1/2 weeks. I can tell if I don’t refocus I will just go back to wear I was 2 months ago.

I wish I knew an easy way to redirect my self. I’m hoping being honest, out loud in this blog will help. The answer, of course it that I have to want to. Do I want to? And if not why?

More questions than answers tonight.