Day 36

Today was mostly about my 5 year old’s birthday.  He turns 6 tomorrow but he will have his party next week.  A Captain Underpants party.  So today was planing and preparing.  I have 11 pairs of white underwear and today I went to the garment district and bought some red fabric to make capes.  I also bought some green fabric for a project I want to do in the boys room.

I love fabric stores, so many possibilities.  Most of them I don’t have to ability to do but still I love the idea of it.  New York is so full of interesting people wondering the shops.  I always wonder what projects they could be  working on.  More than likely something bigger than red capes for a 6 year old’s birthday party.  But I like to feel a part of it all.


On the way home I stopped at The Shake Shake.  It just opened and I wanted to try their frozen custard.  Yes, not on my diet, this is what happens when I don’t eat breakfast before I go out.  The Shake Shakes give you a bepper to let you know when your order is ready.  A little silly when its slow, like it was today, and I only ordered one thing but it is a novelty I guess.

Beeper for Shake Shake

I did love the frozen custard.

Frozen Custard

The capes are cut out and ironed, I will sew them tomorrow. I was hoping I’d be able to finish them today but I ran out of time.

I had an appointment at the migraine institute.  I’ll let you know if the new medicine the Doctor put me on helps or not.

Then I spent this evening raping gifts for tomorrow.  I’m feeling a little guilty about going to the gym tomorrow morning.  My husband will be at work but Gabby will watch the kids while I run.  Should I do this on his birthday?   Yes I need the endorphins to make it through the day.