A day at the Pier 84

Waiting for school to start on Monday, my husband finally had a day off so we headed down to the Pier.  We are two blocks away from the Hudson River Park. Over the last few years the Park has taken on a new life.

I remember years ago a girl friend of mine walked me down to Pier 84 at night.  I think I remember it so well because I was a little worried to be out in the middle of the night by the water in Hells Kitchen, (sorry Mom!).  She walked me out onto the Pier, we had to walk around the big holes and rotten wood, I could see the water through almost all of my steps.  But when we got out as far as we could it, was a little creepy but beautiful.  She told me her block association was trying to raise money to rebuild the pier and turn it into a park.  Now, maybe 15 years later, it is a part of the Hudson River Park and I think one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

They have rowing (Whitehull Gig), free fishing, concerts, a restaurant and even a dog run  and a water park.

It was a beautiful day today, sadly it reminded me of the weather 9 years ago when the towers were hit.  We all headed down to the Pier.

Here is the fountain. All the boys got wet. No towels but they seemed fine

My oldest wanted to fish. We weren't sure he would have the patience but he surprised us. He finally caught a barnacle off the pier. He went home telling everyone he caught something- I guess he did!

My middle son skinned both his knees and an ankle and still had a good time. Here he is on his BFF’s scooter right after he got his ankle!

Here is my girl friend fishing with my youngest.

I wonder if it will be our last day of summer.  The weather man says it will rain here tomorrow, then Monday school starts for real.

I haven’t been writing about my diet because it has fallen apart, but after the boys are settled in I will start again.


The Grandparents Day 2

I actually spent most of the day in a very, very hot attic going through the boys clothes.  My in-laws very nicely let us keep bins with the kids clothes in their attic.  Attics and basements are two things we don’t get to have in New York apartments.  You can rent storage rooms but it adds up.  So at the change of every season I visit the attic.  I’ve noticed it is either way too hot or way too cold,  maybe that’s what attics are all about, otherwise they would just be more rooms in the house.

At least now I know what I need to buy the kids for the school year, not too much luckily.

While I worked the kids had more fun with paper.

I think they named them George , George and Joe. I have no idea why.

In the evening we headed off to a double header minor league game.  The local team is the Binghamton Mets.  Some of the adults went at the start of the first game but I arrived with the kids near the end of the first game.  The Mets lost 9 to 1, Ouch!  But the kids didn’t seem to mind.

Minor league games are great fun for kids everything is a little more excessable. Plus it costs less. Of course the baseball isn't as good but with watching 6 boys there wasn't any time to watch the game anyway!

They lost the second game 3 to 1.  I’m still don’t think the kids cared.  They ate Hot Dogs, ice cream and cheered.

My youngest met the team "side kick" Bullwinkle.

Then he fell asleep in my lap and sleep through most of the game and the fireworks after the game. I was amazed it was so loud. I can hardly move my right arm now but it wont be too much longer that I'll have a little one to hold, he is getting so big, so I didn't mind.


We rolled the kids into bed and I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight.

I’m looking forward to doing so shopping in the local malls tomorrow.

Lady Antebellum

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed the last few days but I fighting my way back.  I am not over eating but the carbs are back for the last few days.  Maybe I can get back on the wagon after the kids start school but right now I’m going non-stop and have very little time to myself.  I’m using what ever time I have to get to the gym.  I just got my period which might also be part of the trouble.

I was so grumpy yesterday I fell asleep at 7:30 last night and slept for 12 hours, unheard of for me.  But I feel much better this morning.  I must have needed the sleep, I know my kids would agree!

Yesterday I got my 2 younger ones up early and we went up to Central Park to see the last Concert of the Summer for Good Morning America.  Lady Antebellum was playing.  My husband has worked sound for all the summer concerts this summer. He thought this one would be less crowded plus he got us some passes, so off we went.

Our backstage pass

It rained most of the week but Friday was beautiful no humidity and not too hot just a perfect day for being outside.  Chris had to be at work at 1am he said it was actually cold at  night.

It was nice being able to have someone walk us in and get a spot next to the stage.  The kids watched Chris set up the sound and wave to them.

I took this on my phone as we watched the set up. Chris was moving so he is the blur walking away from the piano!

After they finished the sound check. we walked “backstage” and meet all the people Chris has been working with all summer.  All very nice and friendly.  A good thing if you have to work all night with someone!  Chris loves working with the crews from the Country bands they are always very polite and friendly.

Here is my husband, Chris, in the ball cap, talking with James the Guitar tec from Lady Antebellum

At this point the kids decided they were hungry so we set off to the food tent.  almost everything and everyone was gone so the kids got some bagels and juice and headed to the sound truck.

My younger two getting food at Craft services.

Inside the Record Plant remote truck. Paul is in the bright red shirt!

Declan loved the truck the best.  He watched David Muir who was in for George Stephenopolos when he wasn’t on air. He thought it was so funny seeing him just being.  He kept making faces at him thinking he could see him, maybe he thought it was like Skype.

After that we went to the very back of the stadium to see Wedge.  The kids love him, he came over earlier in the summer and taught them how to make pizza.  He offered to have them stay and mix sound with him during the show but I think they are just too young to understand or enjoy that yet.  So sorry my oldest wasn’t there.

Wedge is the one working hard on the right

The kids spent most of the actual concert in the back.  That way they could run around free and not bug the people who were there to really listen.

Running around while the band played

They can make it look so full on TV.

It was great fun.  So much security, even a bomb sniffing dog.  You can see 2 of the security officers in the last picture.  But this show was filled with friendly people enjoying the day, the beautiful weather and good music.

Day 35 or Diet disaster!

The day started out well.  I ran at the gym, I almost made 3 miles , 2.91 miles was my total.  A month ago I was happy to make it 2 miles so I’m not complaining, well not too much.

My mother’s helper, Gabby is back in town so “Camp Mommy” has an assistant counselor for the rest of the summer.  My youngest was very excited.  All during the school year he has seen her as she headed out to school past our bus stop and he would hide and pretend not to know her.  Today he gave her a guided tour of the home she already knows and curled up with her when she read to him.

A good book

We were going to head to the top of the Empire State Building but it was very cloudy so we decided not too.  Gabby mentioned that a new store was opening near Times Square, a Pop Tart store.  After explaining to the kids what Pop Tarts were, we headed out.

What was I doing!  I’m on a low carb diet!!

It was opening day, very crowed and not a lot of room in the store.  But it was full of Pop Tarts, whats not to like!  The Sushi Pop tarts kind of worried me but we got 4 Ice Cream sandwich Pop tarts.  And my diet went out the window!!!

Our ice cream was cookies and cream flavor and with the heat it was much more melted, but still decadent.

There was no were to sit so we found a corner and ate til we were bursting.  A man with a TV camera came over and talked to the boys.  I’m not sure if he was with the company or CNN, they both seemed to me walking around.  My 5 year old told them how he liked the ice cream better (I guess he blew his 2 minutes of fame!) and they shot my youngest trying a Pop Tart for the first time, of course he liked it.  The camera man was very nice about my son’s honesty saying that’s what they wanted, but after yesterdays experience, I don’t believe it.  They have this big “vending machine” you type into a computer which kind of pop tarts you want and get a variety pack.   We stood in line for a while but it took too long and the kids were melting down so we headed out.  I understand the shop will only be here til January but I’d say it is worth checking out – but only if you don’t mind blowing your diet.

The counter at the Pop Tart store

So here I am, bloated, tired and a little guilty but if your going to blow a diet do it for something worth while.  And tomorrow is another day, right?

Day 32 or The Brooklyn Cyclones

The whole family went out to Coney Island and watched the Mets farm team, The Brooklyn Cyclones play the CT Tigers.  We won 3-2 in the 11th inning.

Next time I pack a dinner.  I had a hamburger with chips and an ice cream.  In life not so bad, in diet life not so good.  I didn’t get the cotton candy, the fried dough, the french fries, the fried chicken or the candy apple.  My girl friend next to me had them all.  Now I will never be able to tell her about this blog.

The kids in the Subway on the way out to Coney Island

My oldest with the Cyclones mascott

All my boys taking in the action

My 3 year old made it through the game I was happily surprised

All three boy fell asleep in the train on the way home.  It was a long trip back from the subway.  I think they all had a great time.

I had never been to a minor league game before.  So much more fun for the kids and way more affordable.  We were in the front row in the out field.  Some of the players would slap the kids hands as they ran off the field my guys loved it.  At the end of the game they had fireworks. We were so close some of the ash fell on our heads.  The kids were glowing they were so happy.

Next time we sit a little farther away from the fireworks.

Tomorrow I run again.  And I read more of the South Beach diet book.  I need to get myself inspired again.

OK they are sticking out their tongues but they weren't fighting so I let it go.