Catching up

I’ve been feeling the weather change over the last week, it always makes me very melancholy.  I am determined to shake it off.   On top of the season I’ve been a mess about keeping up my diet and running.  I was suppose to use this time with the kids at school to be productive and figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life.  Too much presser.  I think I got a little freaked out.  The thought of adding one more thing to my schedule when I’m so overwhelmed as it is made me unable to accomplish anything.  So I’m back to baby steps and being kind to myself.  No more beating myself up.

First step was this, getting back to writing.  Then I’ll see where I can go from there.

I did make 75 dollars at the Toy and clothing exchange and My oldest had a great time at a 4th grade overnight camping trip.  All the 4th graders their teachers and the principal headed out to NJ and had two days and one night of games and bonding.  My son had a great time


Here is my son and a friend with their new water bottles toasting the trip.



Here is Principal Bob Binder talking to the kids about what to do if they get car sick in the bus. He taught them all how to throw up into a paper bag, City kids!! It was one of the funniest things I have ever heard I wish I had taped it!


Oh and the triple bunk bed is almost done!  By next week all three kids with be in big boy beds!


Almost done!


Look I did it, now on to the next think on my list!


New handbag

I need a new handbag.  Handbags have become such a status symbol.  I don’t think I have ever put as much thought into a bag as I have over the one I have yet to buy.  Maybe now that I am not as thin as I was when I was younger I am paying more attention to things like bags and shoes.  I have rarely spent much money on a bag.  I got my last handbag as a gift and it worked fine.  But now the handle is ragged and it is time to move on.

I guess I have been busy having kids but have you seen the cost of hand bags today!!  Crazy!  So I have picked out my dream bags, two of them, the only trouble is if I were to buy them I’m pretty sure my husband would leave me.  He thinks more than two pillows on a bed is excessive.  The thought of paying thousands of dollars on a hand bag is unfathomable to him.  All right it is to me as well, but a girl can dream…

The bag I really lust after is called the Celine Boston bag by Phoebe Philo.

Of course it is about $1500.  You can see more of it at .  Even though they call it a Boston bag it looks so Parisian to me.  My next dream bag is from PS1

Here it is at Barneys for about $2000.00.  It looks like it would last for years and fit everything I need.  I should never have looked at all of these bags because now the ones I can afford look so cheep!

I have found a Fossil bag for about 100.00 that I like.  Still I have never paid so much and I’m feeling guilty.  I have some birthday money and I’m thinking just thinking I might get it.  What do you think?

So enough dreaming for me today, back to cleaning out the kids dressers.

Last day of Summer Vacation, sort of…

This was the last day of vacation before school starts tomorrow.  It is a little silly, they start school on a Wednesday then they don’t go back again until Monday.  I am so ready for the kids to be back in school it is such a tease to have them do one day then 4 days off.

My youngest will be starting preschool at P.S. 11 the school where his brothers go.  He has one hour of school tomorrow.  From 10:30 – 11:30.  He will have to come down to school and wait around with me til he can go in.  Can you tell I think this whole thing could have been planed better.  Welcome to public school in New York City.

I looked at the boys today and could hardly see them threw all the hair that had grown on their heads over the summer.  My friend Barbara was good enough to fit them in.  So they finished the last of their summer homework had their hair cut and I trimmed their nails.  Clean cloths tomorrow and I’m afraid that is as good as it gets!

My oldest brought a book “The Wright 3” with him and asked to look like one of the kids on the cover.

The before shot for my oldest.

Here he is with his hair standing up. He was happy

My middle child wanted to look as much like the batman bad guy “two-face” as he could.  He asked to have 1/2 his hair sticking up and 1/2 down.  Thank goodness I trust Barbara to give him a cut that will do what he wants but still pass the – needs to be seen in public test.

Here he is being a supper villion.

My youngest asked to be Aqua-man, as if he has any idea what that would be – he did ask for a beard.   I think we convinced him that Aqua-man didn’t have a beard at 3.

I was so tired trying to make them all behave that I forgot to take his picture.  I think I like his the best.  I’ll have to get some pictures of him at his first day of preschool tomorrow.

Everyone is in bed now, including my husband, he is working sound at The View tomorrow, and has to be into work at 5am.

I’m trying not too be too stressed about tomorrow.  I hope all the kids will behave, and like their new classes, I hope my youngest makes it to the bathroom.  Oh they could learn something, that would be good too!

3 kids in school is the beginning of a new life for me.  Gulp.

Lady Antebellum

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed the last few days but I fighting my way back.  I am not over eating but the carbs are back for the last few days.  Maybe I can get back on the wagon after the kids start school but right now I’m going non-stop and have very little time to myself.  I’m using what ever time I have to get to the gym.  I just got my period which might also be part of the trouble.

I was so grumpy yesterday I fell asleep at 7:30 last night and slept for 12 hours, unheard of for me.  But I feel much better this morning.  I must have needed the sleep, I know my kids would agree!

Yesterday I got my 2 younger ones up early and we went up to Central Park to see the last Concert of the Summer for Good Morning America.  Lady Antebellum was playing.  My husband has worked sound for all the summer concerts this summer. He thought this one would be less crowded plus he got us some passes, so off we went.

Our backstage pass

It rained most of the week but Friday was beautiful no humidity and not too hot just a perfect day for being outside.  Chris had to be at work at 1am he said it was actually cold at  night.

It was nice being able to have someone walk us in and get a spot next to the stage.  The kids watched Chris set up the sound and wave to them.

I took this on my phone as we watched the set up. Chris was moving so he is the blur walking away from the piano!

After they finished the sound check. we walked “backstage” and meet all the people Chris has been working with all summer.  All very nice and friendly.  A good thing if you have to work all night with someone!  Chris loves working with the crews from the Country bands they are always very polite and friendly.

Here is my husband, Chris, in the ball cap, talking with James the Guitar tec from Lady Antebellum

At this point the kids decided they were hungry so we set off to the food tent.  almost everything and everyone was gone so the kids got some bagels and juice and headed to the sound truck.

My younger two getting food at Craft services.

Inside the Record Plant remote truck. Paul is in the bright red shirt!

Declan loved the truck the best.  He watched David Muir who was in for George Stephenopolos when he wasn’t on air. He thought it was so funny seeing him just being.  He kept making faces at him thinking he could see him, maybe he thought it was like Skype.

After that we went to the very back of the stadium to see Wedge.  The kids love him, he came over earlier in the summer and taught them how to make pizza.  He offered to have them stay and mix sound with him during the show but I think they are just too young to understand or enjoy that yet.  So sorry my oldest wasn’t there.

Wedge is the one working hard on the right

The kids spent most of the actual concert in the back.  That way they could run around free and not bug the people who were there to really listen.

Running around while the band played

They can make it look so full on TV.

It was great fun.  So much security, even a bomb sniffing dog.  You can see 2 of the security officers in the last picture.  But this show was filled with friendly people enjoying the day, the beautiful weather and good music.

Day 35 or Diet disaster!

The day started out well.  I ran at the gym, I almost made 3 miles , 2.91 miles was my total.  A month ago I was happy to make it 2 miles so I’m not complaining, well not too much.

My mother’s helper, Gabby is back in town so “Camp Mommy” has an assistant counselor for the rest of the summer.  My youngest was very excited.  All during the school year he has seen her as she headed out to school past our bus stop and he would hide and pretend not to know her.  Today he gave her a guided tour of the home she already knows and curled up with her when she read to him.

A good book

We were going to head to the top of the Empire State Building but it was very cloudy so we decided not too.  Gabby mentioned that a new store was opening near Times Square, a Pop Tart store.  After explaining to the kids what Pop Tarts were, we headed out.

What was I doing!  I’m on a low carb diet!!

It was opening day, very crowed and not a lot of room in the store.  But it was full of Pop Tarts, whats not to like!  The Sushi Pop tarts kind of worried me but we got 4 Ice Cream sandwich Pop tarts.  And my diet went out the window!!!

Our ice cream was cookies and cream flavor and with the heat it was much more melted, but still decadent.

There was no were to sit so we found a corner and ate til we were bursting.  A man with a TV camera came over and talked to the boys.  I’m not sure if he was with the company or CNN, they both seemed to me walking around.  My 5 year old told them how he liked the ice cream better (I guess he blew his 2 minutes of fame!) and they shot my youngest trying a Pop Tart for the first time, of course he liked it.  The camera man was very nice about my son’s honesty saying that’s what they wanted, but after yesterdays experience, I don’t believe it.  They have this big “vending machine” you type into a computer which kind of pop tarts you want and get a variety pack.   We stood in line for a while but it took too long and the kids were melting down so we headed out.  I understand the shop will only be here til January but I’d say it is worth checking out – but only if you don’t mind blowing your diet.

The counter at the Pop Tart store

So here I am, bloated, tired and a little guilty but if your going to blow a diet do it for something worth while.  And tomorrow is another day, right?

Day 34

I took the morning off of “Camp Mommy” and went with a friend up to a taping of a new talk show with Nate Berkus.  It was a nice mini-vacation.

Nate Berkus

I haven’t been to a talk show taping since Sally Jessey Rafael, I think that might have just dated me.  It was their first day of taping so they were still working out the kinks.  Nate seemed fine and as nice and unassuming between takes as when I’ve see him on Oprah.   The hard part for me was all the “handling” by the staff.  Don’t get me wrong everyone was very nice.  But they want a product.  We were divided into 2 waiting rooms and it didn’t take much imagination to know that the pretty people were in one and the rest of us were in the other.  Such is life, and as my husband pointed out, such is TV.  I got tired of having to ooh and Ahh and clap every time the workers in the front put up their signs.  Maybe its just me but I like a real reaction.  Sometimes watching the Oprah show I’m a little worried about the adulation the crowd gives her.  It is so worshipful, who can live up to that.  Or maybe I’m a rebel at heart and don’t like being told what to do.  That  might be more on the mark.

We couldn’t bring in cameras so I have no pictures but the show should air in mid September.

My husband held down the fort for me and Camp Mommy was still going on when I got home.  The boys got to go out to several playgrounds with their Dad.  In the afternoon we  I made the boys a Riddler question mark for a green shirt they have been wearing  as a Riddler costume.

D makes an evil Riddler!

Not to be out done, my youngest made me keep taking this picture til he thought he looked evil enough.

We did a science project about condensing water from the air.

first metal bowl full of ice

Cover the ice so it stays in and stays cold.

Put it into another bowl and wait.

Then the kids got to see the water form on the outside of the bowl.

Oh the wild science going on at our house ;).

My diet went alright today, it helped being locked into a studio most of the day.  Tomorrow it is back to the gym!

Day 31

I’m a little shaky, I’m getting over a migraine, but I wanted to make sure I wrote today.

My new scale came in the mail this morning.  The mailman rang our bell at 7am and handed me the box. It is much nicer looking than my last scale and it gives the points between the pounds.  But I HATE IT!!

I weigh more on this scale than my last one.  I weigh 164.2.  I thought it was what I ate but my husband weighs more as well.  My husband who has never been overweight in his life, hmm maybe I’m a little testy as well as shaky…

So I start again at a higher weight and tell my self I am the same as yesterday even though the scale says differently.  Amazing how much this is all in my mind.

It was “class trip day” at Camp Mommy.  My husband came along, good to have the parents along on trips 😉 .  We went to the American Museum of Natural History.   We saw a show at the Hyden Planetarium. Then wandered around the museum.

My 5 year old loved it but it was a little over the head of my 3 year old.  Oh, I thought this was appropriate for today.  Here is me on a scale at the museum letting me know how much I would weigh on the moon.  I might need to be planing a move!

Sad that I should like this number better than the one on my scale at home!

By the time we got home I had a bad migraine. I was so glad My husband was home so he could watch the kids and I could take medicine and go to bed.

My husband works sound for a Friday concert in the park for GMA, he has to be at work at midnight so he’s already in bed.  The last of the kids just went to bed and I’m going to enjoy the silence, finally pain free.

Here are a few more pictures from the museum.

My 3 yr old learning about the big bang or stopping for a rest before running through all the crowds of people again, you deside.

5 yr old getting a chance to feel some dinosaur feet.