New Year

Happy New Year. I’m coming out of my cookie comma and starting this New Year out right. My Sound Engineer, husband worked in Times Square for the ball drop this year, just like he has done for the last several years. It means we come home early from our Christmas holiday and he spends the 3 or 4 days before New Years and all of New Years eve in Times Square and I rally my holidayed out kids into getting there vacation homework done and not killing each other after way too much together time.

20130102-105200.jpgThis year friends of mine are closing a small French cafe they have been running for the last 6 years.  They decided they would end on a musical note and invited a bunch of performers to sing and turned their cafe into a cabaret for the final few  nights.  I was lucky enough to be asked to sing.  So I got a neighbor to watch the kids and ran out for an hour sang two songs and ran back.  Even with pushing through all the drunken people who invade our neighborhood New Years eve it was still amazing to get out.  It put me in a much better mood the rest of the night. Note to self, do that more often!

20130102-111327.jpgNew Years day was a slow sleepy day, my husband got back from work at 7am! I spent most of the day trying to keep the boys quiet.  We went out to a diner for dinner and bed time couldn’t come quick enough.


This morning I got up my 3 very sleepy slightly unhappy boys and sent them back to school. Now I have a quiet, very messy apartment for me to enjoy and clean.

Happy New Year to me!!