Saying good bye

Today the Crib moves out of our apartment and we start a new stage in our life.  My youngest has been sleeping in his big boy bed for a few days now and he loves it.  The triple bunk bed looks great.  It took a long time to make but I think it is extremely strong and might just survive my 3 boys.

Yes I should have made the beds before I took this picture but life goes on...

We put up a sign to sell the crib in the lobby and less than an hour later we got a call, a couple expecting their first baby in the spring.  They bought the crib and  my oldest saw and burst out crying.  He can’t understand why we would sell something that has been so much a part of our life for so long.  I tried to explain about having 3 kids in a small two bed room apartment .  He was not ready to hear it.  The couple told me later it broke their heart to watch him.  I think I finally convinced him that it is better for the crib to go on and help another family in the building and told him we would visit the baby when he was born.  Now I need to make friends with the couple so they will let us into their home, meet the baby, and visit the crib.

Move forward little crib.

Good bye Crib you served us well and I will remember you fondly.


A day at the Pier 84

Waiting for school to start on Monday, my husband finally had a day off so we headed down to the Pier.  We are two blocks away from the Hudson River Park. Over the last few years the Park has taken on a new life.

I remember years ago a girl friend of mine walked me down to Pier 84 at night.  I think I remember it so well because I was a little worried to be out in the middle of the night by the water in Hells Kitchen, (sorry Mom!).  She walked me out onto the Pier, we had to walk around the big holes and rotten wood, I could see the water through almost all of my steps.  But when we got out as far as we could it, was a little creepy but beautiful.  She told me her block association was trying to raise money to rebuild the pier and turn it into a park.  Now, maybe 15 years later, it is a part of the Hudson River Park and I think one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

They have rowing (Whitehull Gig), free fishing, concerts, a restaurant and even a dog run  and a water park.

It was a beautiful day today, sadly it reminded me of the weather 9 years ago when the towers were hit.  We all headed down to the Pier.

Here is the fountain. All the boys got wet. No towels but they seemed fine

My oldest wanted to fish. We weren't sure he would have the patience but he surprised us. He finally caught a barnacle off the pier. He went home telling everyone he caught something- I guess he did!

My middle son skinned both his knees and an ankle and still had a good time. Here he is on his BFF’s scooter right after he got his ankle!

Here is my girl friend fishing with my youngest.

I wonder if it will be our last day of summer.  The weather man says it will rain here tomorrow, then Monday school starts for real.

I haven’t been writing about my diet because it has fallen apart, but after the boys are settled in I will start again.

The first day of school story

Yesterday, the first day of school, no one wanted to get up.  We are way out of practice.

I ended up carrying my two younger ones to the coach.

My husband was at work so I managed to get the three up and out the door.

I thought I was doing so well but check out my 9 year olds shirt!

We had over $100 of school supplies for my 2 older kids classes.  I don’t remember my parents having to do this, not that I think the teachers should be covering this, but next year will be over $150 of cleaning and class extras and that is a lot. We took a taxi to school, the kids loved it.

Looking in through the school gates to the playground waiting to be let in.

My oldest had to go into the play yard and meet his teacher by himself.  All the parents huddled on the sidewalk on top of each other staring in, saying how crazy it was, but I noticed all the kids had lots of room and seemed fine inside the playground.

Last year both parents and children waited in the cafeteria.  By the time we went upstairs my kindergartner was out of his mind with fear, too much noise, too many people.  He hid inside the class room closet and wouldn’t come out.  Apparently he swung at two of the teachers who tried to get him out.  Both the teachers were pregnant and he ended up in the principles office on his first day!  It was a nightmare.  I just have to add he got much better and never behaved like that again but it will be a story we tell his kids!

This year he meet his first grade teacher outside, first grade parents were allowed into the playground.  He was quiet but it was night and day from last year.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

My kid is in the bottom right with the blond hair and black backpack.

The first graders walking into the school.

Then it was just my preschooler and me.  His teacher was only having half of the class at a time for one hour.  We were the second group.  So we headed off for a snack then back to the class.

Snack time! A apple fritter for him and a big coffee for me!

My youngest loved his class he is already making friends with a bunch of the boys.  All the parents stood in the back of the class and watched as the teacher gathered all the kids on the rug and read a story and taught them a song.  The parents, all smiled encouraging at their kids and took pictures.  That poor teacher, alright I admit it I was taking pictures with the best of them!

Here is my son drawing a picture with his new friends

Here he is with the teacher tell the class all about his picture.

This first day is all very anti-climatic. They started on Wednesday then have been home for the last two days because of the Jewish holidays.  They start again on Monday.  I have this odd feeling like the whole thing was a dream, a dream that took a lot of stress and work to make it through.  Now the kids are back on vacation like nothing ever happened.

I shouldn’t say it but I can’t wait til Monday.  I need some quiet!

Last day of Summer Vacation, sort of…

This was the last day of vacation before school starts tomorrow.  It is a little silly, they start school on a Wednesday then they don’t go back again until Monday.  I am so ready for the kids to be back in school it is such a tease to have them do one day then 4 days off.

My youngest will be starting preschool at P.S. 11 the school where his brothers go.  He has one hour of school tomorrow.  From 10:30 – 11:30.  He will have to come down to school and wait around with me til he can go in.  Can you tell I think this whole thing could have been planed better.  Welcome to public school in New York City.

I looked at the boys today and could hardly see them threw all the hair that had grown on their heads over the summer.  My friend Barbara was good enough to fit them in.  So they finished the last of their summer homework had their hair cut and I trimmed their nails.  Clean cloths tomorrow and I’m afraid that is as good as it gets!

My oldest brought a book “The Wright 3” with him and asked to look like one of the kids on the cover.

The before shot for my oldest.

Here he is with his hair standing up. He was happy

My middle child wanted to look as much like the batman bad guy “two-face” as he could.  He asked to have 1/2 his hair sticking up and 1/2 down.  Thank goodness I trust Barbara to give him a cut that will do what he wants but still pass the – needs to be seen in public test.

Here he is being a supper villion.

My youngest asked to be Aqua-man, as if he has any idea what that would be – he did ask for a beard.   I think we convinced him that Aqua-man didn’t have a beard at 3.

I was so tired trying to make them all behave that I forgot to take his picture.  I think I like his the best.  I’ll have to get some pictures of him at his first day of preschool tomorrow.

Everyone is in bed now, including my husband, he is working sound at The View tomorrow, and has to be into work at 5am.

I’m trying not too be too stressed about tomorrow.  I hope all the kids will behave, and like their new classes, I hope my youngest makes it to the bathroom.  Oh they could learn something, that would be good too!

3 kids in school is the beginning of a new life for me.  Gulp.

The Grandparents Day 2

I actually spent most of the day in a very, very hot attic going through the boys clothes.  My in-laws very nicely let us keep bins with the kids clothes in their attic.  Attics and basements are two things we don’t get to have in New York apartments.  You can rent storage rooms but it adds up.  So at the change of every season I visit the attic.  I’ve noticed it is either way too hot or way too cold,  maybe that’s what attics are all about, otherwise they would just be more rooms in the house.

At least now I know what I need to buy the kids for the school year, not too much luckily.

While I worked the kids had more fun with paper.

I think they named them George , George and Joe. I have no idea why.

In the evening we headed off to a double header minor league game.  The local team is the Binghamton Mets.  Some of the adults went at the start of the first game but I arrived with the kids near the end of the first game.  The Mets lost 9 to 1, Ouch!  But the kids didn’t seem to mind.

Minor league games are great fun for kids everything is a little more excessable. Plus it costs less. Of course the baseball isn't as good but with watching 6 boys there wasn't any time to watch the game anyway!

They lost the second game 3 to 1.  I’m still don’t think the kids cared.  They ate Hot Dogs, ice cream and cheered.

My youngest met the team "side kick" Bullwinkle.

Then he fell asleep in my lap and sleep through most of the game and the fireworks after the game. I was amazed it was so loud. I can hardly move my right arm now but it wont be too much longer that I'll have a little one to hold, he is getting so big, so I didn't mind.


We rolled the kids into bed and I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight.

I’m looking forward to doing so shopping in the local malls tomorrow.

First full day with the Grandparents

We lived through the car trip yesterday.  It is only 4 hours but my city kids don’t spend much time in cars so it is always a big deal.  I  remembered the motion sickness pill for my 6 year old so no one threw up this trip- always a plus.  He slept most of the trip, another plus.  If only he would go to sleep that easily at night time!

The car ride

My kids love going to my in-laws, they love seeing their grandparents but more than that my husbands sister bought the house right behind her parents house and she also has 3 boys.  All 6 grand-kids have a blast together.  It is controlled bedlam, okay, maybe not that controlled.

My boys sleep in a room with two sets of bunk beds. We might try a night with all 6 together.

My boys ran and ran with their cousins today.  It is such a gift to be able to open the door and let the kids just run.  That and the space everyone has in their houses make me a little jealous when ever I’m out of the city.  I have to remind myself we have a view of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building out our window.  Everything is a trade off.

in between running outside the boys made masks

Not sure who they were trying to be but they had fun

My 3 year old was the Riddler, a batman bad guy - of course!

Here are all the boys eating dinner together. They look so sweet, it is hard the get the true perspective of what it was like with out the sound. Actually never mind better you think of them as mute!

I was amazed by the amount of dirt I washed off the kids at bed time.  I thought they got dirty in the city!

Everyone is sleeping well, tomorrow we will do some school shopping, and go to a minor league ball game.

Day 40

Life is about changes in plans.  My middle son woke up with the stomach bug today so life went on hold.  He was pretty sick most of the day, around bed time he was starting to feel better.  Now I’m wondering who will be next.

I did make it to the gym and added a minute to my run, I made it 3.07 miles today.

I completely forgot I am singing a song in church this Sunday.  I pulled it out this today and started working on it, it is way harder than I remember.  I have a lot of work to do on it. Oh and that Birthday party that is coming the day after tomorrow.  Can you tell I’m a little stressed?

Breathing, breathing.

I swear this way just yesterday but I guess it was really from about 2 years ago. But it is still cute!