Catching up

I’ve been feeling the weather change over the last week, it always makes me very melancholy.  I am determined to shake it off.   On top of the season I’ve been a mess about keeping up my diet and running.  I was suppose to use this time with the kids at school to be productive and figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life.  Too much presser.  I think I got a little freaked out.  The thought of adding one more thing to my schedule when I’m so overwhelmed as it is made me unable to accomplish anything.  So I’m back to baby steps and being kind to myself.  No more beating myself up.

First step was this, getting back to writing.  Then I’ll see where I can go from there.

I did make 75 dollars at the Toy and clothing exchange and My oldest had a great time at a 4th grade overnight camping trip.  All the 4th graders their teachers and the principal headed out to NJ and had two days and one night of games and bonding.  My son had a great time


Here is my son and a friend with their new water bottles toasting the trip.



Here is Principal Bob Binder talking to the kids about what to do if they get car sick in the bus. He taught them all how to throw up into a paper bag, City kids!! It was one of the funniest things I have ever heard I wish I had taped it!


Oh and the triple bunk bed is almost done!  By next week all three kids with be in big boy beds!


Almost done!


Look I did it, now on to the next think on my list!


The first day of school story

Yesterday, the first day of school, no one wanted to get up.  We are way out of practice.

I ended up carrying my two younger ones to the coach.

My husband was at work so I managed to get the three up and out the door.

I thought I was doing so well but check out my 9 year olds shirt!

We had over $100 of school supplies for my 2 older kids classes.  I don’t remember my parents having to do this, not that I think the teachers should be covering this, but next year will be over $150 of cleaning and class extras and that is a lot. We took a taxi to school, the kids loved it.

Looking in through the school gates to the playground waiting to be let in.

My oldest had to go into the play yard and meet his teacher by himself.  All the parents huddled on the sidewalk on top of each other staring in, saying how crazy it was, but I noticed all the kids had lots of room and seemed fine inside the playground.

Last year both parents and children waited in the cafeteria.  By the time we went upstairs my kindergartner was out of his mind with fear, too much noise, too many people.  He hid inside the class room closet and wouldn’t come out.  Apparently he swung at two of the teachers who tried to get him out.  Both the teachers were pregnant and he ended up in the principles office on his first day!  It was a nightmare.  I just have to add he got much better and never behaved like that again but it will be a story we tell his kids!

This year he meet his first grade teacher outside, first grade parents were allowed into the playground.  He was quiet but it was night and day from last year.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

My kid is in the bottom right with the blond hair and black backpack.

The first graders walking into the school.

Then it was just my preschooler and me.  His teacher was only having half of the class at a time for one hour.  We were the second group.  So we headed off for a snack then back to the class.

Snack time! A apple fritter for him and a big coffee for me!

My youngest loved his class he is already making friends with a bunch of the boys.  All the parents stood in the back of the class and watched as the teacher gathered all the kids on the rug and read a story and taught them a song.  The parents, all smiled encouraging at their kids and took pictures.  That poor teacher, alright I admit it I was taking pictures with the best of them!

Here is my son drawing a picture with his new friends

Here he is with the teacher tell the class all about his picture.

This first day is all very anti-climatic. They started on Wednesday then have been home for the last two days because of the Jewish holidays.  They start again on Monday.  I have this odd feeling like the whole thing was a dream, a dream that took a lot of stress and work to make it through.  Now the kids are back on vacation like nothing ever happened.

I shouldn’t say it but I can’t wait til Monday.  I need some quiet!

Last day of Summer Vacation, sort of…

This was the last day of vacation before school starts tomorrow.  It is a little silly, they start school on a Wednesday then they don’t go back again until Monday.  I am so ready for the kids to be back in school it is such a tease to have them do one day then 4 days off.

My youngest will be starting preschool at P.S. 11 the school where his brothers go.  He has one hour of school tomorrow.  From 10:30 – 11:30.  He will have to come down to school and wait around with me til he can go in.  Can you tell I think this whole thing could have been planed better.  Welcome to public school in New York City.

I looked at the boys today and could hardly see them threw all the hair that had grown on their heads over the summer.  My friend Barbara was good enough to fit them in.  So they finished the last of their summer homework had their hair cut and I trimmed their nails.  Clean cloths tomorrow and I’m afraid that is as good as it gets!

My oldest brought a book “The Wright 3” with him and asked to look like one of the kids on the cover.

The before shot for my oldest.

Here he is with his hair standing up. He was happy

My middle child wanted to look as much like the batman bad guy “two-face” as he could.  He asked to have 1/2 his hair sticking up and 1/2 down.  Thank goodness I trust Barbara to give him a cut that will do what he wants but still pass the – needs to be seen in public test.

Here he is being a supper villion.

My youngest asked to be Aqua-man, as if he has any idea what that would be – he did ask for a beard.   I think we convinced him that Aqua-man didn’t have a beard at 3.

I was so tired trying to make them all behave that I forgot to take his picture.  I think I like his the best.  I’ll have to get some pictures of him at his first day of preschool tomorrow.

Everyone is in bed now, including my husband, he is working sound at The View tomorrow, and has to be into work at 5am.

I’m trying not too be too stressed about tomorrow.  I hope all the kids will behave, and like their new classes, I hope my youngest makes it to the bathroom.  Oh they could learn something, that would be good too!

3 kids in school is the beginning of a new life for me.  Gulp.