A Foggy Monday

It seems every year we have that week or so when everyone gets sick. We are in the middle of that now. My 8 year old and I had the stomach bug last week and my 6 year old is home with me today on his second day of being sick.


My 11 year old put on a good show of being sick this morning but his symptoms kept changing, first he told me his stomach hurt, although he ate his breakfast with his normal extreme enthusiasm. When ever I would look at him he would shrink a few inches and whimper, yes I really do mean whimper! I told him if he had a fever he could stay home but otherwise he had to go to school. He explained his joints hurt too much to go to school and his nose was stuffy. Would he like some medicine? Oh no, he hates that. He of course had no fever and I told him I loved him and hoped he felt better then sent him too school. He texted me when he got to school telling me my loving him really didn’t help…

I’m sure he inherited all that drama from me, I’m thinking I owe my parents an apology.

My 6 year old is awake and full of energy, non-stop talking, so excited to be home from school. This after cuddling up with me at 4am then telling me he was going to throw-up. Amazing how fast I can wake up when I need too. I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee wondering when the caffeine will kick in.

Last night out our window I watched a thick fog roll into the city. I wish I had a good camera I could have gotten some amazing shots of the fog rising off the river. It looked so wonderfully dramatic. This morning we could hardly see out our windows. The romance and drama gone. The fog will rise and we will all get better but for now the fog compliments my mood.