Day 40

Life is about changes in plans.  My middle son woke up with the stomach bug today so life went on hold.  He was pretty sick most of the day, around bed time he was starting to feel better.  Now I’m wondering who will be next.

I did make it to the gym and added a minute to my run, I made it 3.07 miles today.

I completely forgot I am singing a song in church this Sunday.  I pulled it out this today and started working on it, it is way harder than I remember.  I have a lot of work to do on it. Oh and that Birthday party that is coming the day after tomorrow.  Can you tell I’m a little stressed?

Breathing, breathing.

I swear this way just yesterday but I guess it was really from about 2 years ago. But it is still cute!


Day 24

I didn’t write yesterday, I’m feeling guilty about that.  I worry if I stop writing every day that I will not be working on my diet or thinking about my life the way I know I should be.

I ran at the gym today, I can’t say it is getting any easier, but I am slowly getting faster.  And when I say faster I mean little old ladies will no longer be passing me, young children and just about everyone else will,  but you have to start somewhere.

The ice cream in the house was not so good for me ate in moderation, I had a small bowl for desert two days in a row.  Now when the scale doesn’t move I’ll know why.  I made a chicken stir fry last night and it was pretty good.

My stir fry

It is not just the weight I want to lose, I need to figure out what I am doing next with my life.  I sang today with my coach.  He gave me a bunch of names for performance classes to try.    I was amazed at how my insides balked at it.  I did look up the names, very expensive, not at good times, not til fall.   Can you hear the excuses just piling up.  Part of me thinks taking care of 3 kids working out 4 times a week and dieting should be enough for me.  But I think maybe the class is something new and it scares me.  It is outside of my comfort zone.  I need to think some more on this…