Saying good bye

Today the Crib moves out of our apartment and we start a new stage in our life.  My youngest has been sleeping in his big boy bed for a few days now and he loves it.  The triple bunk bed looks great.  It took a long time to make but I think it is extremely strong and might just survive my 3 boys.

Yes I should have made the beds before I took this picture but life goes on...

We put up a sign to sell the crib in the lobby and less than an hour later we got a call, a couple expecting their first baby in the spring.  They bought the crib and  my oldest saw and burst out crying.  He can’t understand why we would sell something that has been so much a part of our life for so long.  I tried to explain about having 3 kids in a small two bed room apartment .  He was not ready to hear it.  The couple told me later it broke their heart to watch him.  I think I finally convinced him that it is better for the crib to go on and help another family in the building and told him we would visit the baby when he was born.  Now I need to make friends with the couple so they will let us into their home, meet the baby, and visit the crib.

Move forward little crib.

Good bye Crib you served us well and I will remember you fondly.


Catching up

I’ve been feeling the weather change over the last week, it always makes me very melancholy.  I am determined to shake it off.   On top of the season I’ve been a mess about keeping up my diet and running.  I was suppose to use this time with the kids at school to be productive and figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life.  Too much presser.  I think I got a little freaked out.  The thought of adding one more thing to my schedule when I’m so overwhelmed as it is made me unable to accomplish anything.  So I’m back to baby steps and being kind to myself.  No more beating myself up.

First step was this, getting back to writing.  Then I’ll see where I can go from there.

I did make 75 dollars at the Toy and clothing exchange and My oldest had a great time at a 4th grade overnight camping trip.  All the 4th graders their teachers and the principal headed out to NJ and had two days and one night of games and bonding.  My son had a great time


Here is my son and a friend with their new water bottles toasting the trip.



Here is Principal Bob Binder talking to the kids about what to do if they get car sick in the bus. He taught them all how to throw up into a paper bag, City kids!! It was one of the funniest things I have ever heard I wish I had taped it!


Oh and the triple bunk bed is almost done!  By next week all three kids with be in big boy beds!


Almost done!


Look I did it, now on to the next think on my list!